Boostt website is currently under construction but please see the panels below for a brief description on the services and products we provide.

These are the major areas where we are effective for our clients:

Card Payment Solutions

(Merchant Card) – we have a proud record of saving an average of 19% on enquires to date. (This service also offers mobile and cloud solutions too).

Strategic Energy Management

This includes contract negotiations and solutions to reduce costs and carbon footprint including:
Electricity, Gas, Water
Voltage Optimisation
Photovoltaic Solar Power
Efficient EV Chargers
Combined Heat & Power
Energy Brokerage
Offset your Energy Costs

Telephony & Fibre Broadband 

Solutions that are efficient and effective! Specialist in high-speed broadband connectivity in rural and/or poorly serviced areas. Our team has many years of experiences and if we cannot fix it – no-one can”. Fast Fibre Broadband for businesses. Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), if available. Wi-Fi solutions. Systems that are VoIP ready and compliant for the 2025 Copper switch off. Ready for your office and/or homeworkers.

Food & Beverage Procurement

We work with food specialist procurement companies, with a full UK coverage. All provide bespoke procurement solutions & exceptional support from the hospitality industry’s trusted procurement experts.
Additionally, they also offer:
Cleaning & Consumables
Waste Management

Mobile / Movable / Towable Catering Solutions

From high-end Pizza Kitchens, Food Distribution Points, Kiosks, Kitchens, Mobile Bars, Luxury Toilets, Ticket Offices and Retail Units. All tailor-made to customer requirements.

Advertising & Print Services

Design, mechanical digital artwork. Managed campaigns, both traditional and digital. Please ask for more details as we are often able to discount significantly on design and artwork services if you purchase your print with us.

Chemical Free Clean Air, Cooling and Environmental Solutions

Ultraviolet Disinfection, Equine Environment Hygiene Controls, Managed LED Lighting, Commercial Lighting solutions, Low Carbon Heating.

Portable Toilet Hire

For site work and events. Provision of hygienic portable sanitation and effluent waste management service.

Sustainable Clothing 

Corporate clothing and accessories created from using recycled plastics from the oceans, mixed with landfill. From flakes, to pellets, to yarn, then made into commercial clothing.

Managed IT Support

Providing fully managed IT support services to help your business function seamlessly. As an MSP we will provide your business with a total IT solution at a fixed monthly cost, so there are no hidden surprises. Our Cyber Security team will help keep you ahead of cyber threats and ensure operations run as normal. We will strengthen your security to give your business more resilience in the future.

Computer Disposal & IT Recycling

Keeping corporations, Government Offices, and companies safe and secure, whilst enabling them to be legally and ethically responsible for the controlled eradication of stored data. Both on-site and external removal services available. Fully certified and accredited.

EV Charging

Two levels available. No cost to the client, but with a shared income stream. Installation fee, owned by the client.

Mobile Power Backup

Contained battery units that provide up to 10 hours of power in the event of a grid failure. Battery storage acts as an efficiency enabler for the Wind & Solar green energy generation, improving revenue, effecting expenditure, and delivering energy on demand.

Website Support Services

As part of our team we have an experienced website designer who can manage your HTML, Joomla or WordPress website.  They can update your company website on a one off basis or on a monthly maintenance plan and can include: regular plugin updates, add news articles, sync with your google business profile, link your website to google for scanning, update images and text, etc.  They have excellent 5 star reviews and can provide lots of examples of their design work.

Commercial Pastry / Desserts Kitchen

Creating wonderful bespoke delights for the hospitality market.

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